It's Time For Women To Rethink Success...

It's Time to Unlock Our Full Potential As Healthy High-Achievers...

In Work, Life, And All That Matters Most.

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Meet Lindsay Vastola

Lindsay Vastola is a personal leadership coach specializing in helping success-driven women prioritize their personal goals so they can elevate their work and life success for greater health, wealth, and happiness.

Her experience as a New York City corporate manager, fitness entrepreneur, and leadership coach has given her a unique skillset to use story and strategy to teach goal-driven women how to step up as leaders for themselves they can be more effective leaders at work and home.

Lindsay's cut-to-the-chase but down-to-earth style has helped over 2500 women elevate their potential, find balance in work and life, and achieve their personal goals.

It's her mission to help women rethink success so they unlock their full potential in work, life, and all that matters most.

As a coach and keynote speaker across industries, Lindsay engages audiences of all sizes: one-on-one, on-stage for events of all sizes, and in smaller, more intimate settings.

She coaches and presents on a variety of topics including her signature presentations:

- Your Success S.O.P.: The 3 Key Habits of Healthy High-Achievers

- Life: Elevated: Prioritize your Goals and Elevate Your Success

- Trickle Down Leadership Starts With You

Lindsay has been featured nationally for her work, has presented at organizations of all sizes, serves on advisory boards, is committed to her community, and most importantly, is a wife and mom to her two children, EJ and Lidia in Raleigh, NC.

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